Round Stiching Wire    

Round Stitching Wire Book Binding
Round Stitching Wire Book Binding
Round Stitching Wire Book Binding
Round Stitching Wire Book Binding

We manufacture "JYOTI" Brand Round G. I. Stitching Wire that is used by printing and book binding industry for binding note books, text books, duplicates, triplicates, registers, leaflets, catalogues, cheque books etc., Our round stitching wires can be used by face mask manufacturers as well. These wires are available in both forms i.e. with or without spool as per the requirement of the buyer. Our round wires are being successfully used on semi-automatic and fully automatic stitching machines of all leading machine manufacturers around the world.

Brass Stitching Wire Book Binding

As a part of innovative solution that we are focused on, we have developed Stainless Steel and Pure Brass Round Stitching Wire for rusting issues faced in G I Wire and for attractive colour of pins. For more details get in touch with us.

These stitching wires are available in sizes as per individual requirement. Wires available with & without spools.
>Plastic spool packing : In 1 -15 kgs or as per customer requirements.
>Regular 2 kgs spool packing : Each spool packed in polythene & hessian & 12 such spools packed in a carton. Weight of each carton 24 kgs.
Coil packing :
>In 1 to 100 kgs or as per customer requirements.
>Regular 1.6 kgs coils packed in polythene & hessian & 18 such coils packed in a carton.

Round Stitching Wire Spool Dimensions

Spiral Wire    

Spiral Binding Wire

We also manufacture galvanised or G I wires for making Spirals and for making Wire-O for book binding, diary, calendars, menu cards, brochures, magazines etc. Our wires are of uniform tensile strength and even coating with minimum tolerance and accurate size for getting a perfect shape. We have fully automatic winders that winds the wire perfectly on various spools which makes un-winding easy on customer's end. We have spool winding facility that can wind wire from 2 kgs to 400 kgs.

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